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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flamingo Mascara - 100% from TAIWAN

Make your eyelashes inconceivability

  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Mascara SKU: Flamingo Mascara Combination
  • Mascara Color: Black
  • Make size: normal size
  • Price : RM60 /each

Highlight :

-The new plastic packaging tube listing, more convenience

-Easier to apply, time and cost saving

-To lengthen your lashes an instant of 300% curl:

Flamingo Extreme submissive grafting solution + Natural Fiber = incredibly slim combination heartbeat

-Make your eyelashes inconceivability :

The combination of incredible of 100% natural fiber makes your lashes stretch to 300% until it creates unexpected curling curvature!

-Extreme submissive grafting solution:

Extremely fit, comfortable texture, can easily bring out infinitely long, slim shape flawless eyelashes! Its magic formula in combination with the adhesion of the polymer, so that you have a perfect make-up all day long!


water, natural beeswax, carnauba wax, iron oxide black, acrylic acid copolymer, nylon 12, stearic acid, propylene glycol, emulsifiers.

Net content:7ml ; Net weight: 0.8g

Natural Fiber:

100% natural, just like the natural growth of eyelashes, eye would not produce any stimulation.

Cleansing methods:

put on some warm water on cotton then put it on your lashes, wait a few seconds, lightly wipe it out.

And, deng... deng... deng... deng... it's 100% removed without using eye-make-up remover!

Unbelievable uh? Try and see how this magic works.

Special Reminder:

To get natural fiber effect, you're not suggested to apply non-fiber mascara after it. (I bet you don't need it after using Flamingo mascara xD)

Joc and Mia from JJ-Lens say,
At first, we don't really believe on this brand's quality because we never heard of it. But Yeah, we were totally amazed by it after using.

Guess what, the result was :O oh-my-god freaking awesome! it's totally brings out
-soft-touchable lashes (not sticky at all, no hurt to our lashes)
-long natural curve (like after putting fake-lashes)
-long lasting (lasts from day to night, but of course if you cried or sweat a lot, then diff case lah :p)
-easy to remove (walao the most important, I bet you girls sure heart pain when you seeing your lashes was stick on the cotton when you're removing make-up)

We only introduce you girls with good products ;D
So, as a conclusion is, its worth to try, babies!
Its only RM60 now. (share with you friends to reach RM100, for free postage *click homepage)

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