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Purchase up to RM100, free postage and special gift.

PS 1# Purchase up to RM100 to get free postage and special gift as new products launching.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SKIN 79 BB Cream

Purchase up to RM100, FREE poslaju.

In addition, we are giving out
special gift as our new products launching.
while stocks last, first come first serve basis.

how to order?
state down your desired BB cream's name and quantity.
(eg: Triple function bb cream, quantity: 1)

email us at

Skin 79 triple function bb cream

    • Brand: SKIN 79
    • Name : Triple Function BB Cream
    • Color: Skin color
    • Make size: normal size
    • Price : RM65 /each

Skin 79 VIP Gold bb cream

  • Brand: SKIN 79
  • Name : VIP Gold BB Cream
  • Color: Skin color
  • Make size: normal size
  • Price : RM65 /each

Skin 79 Dream Girl bb cream

  • Brand: SKIN 79
  • Name : Dream Girl BB Cream
  • Color: Skin color
  • Make size: normal size
  • Price : RM65 /each

Skin 79 4-in-1 bb cream set

*highly recommended as gift*

  • Brand: SKIN 79
  • Name : 4 in 1 set BB Cream
  • Color: Skin color
  • Make size: normal size
  • Price : RM55 /per set

Little story from BB 's user :

Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Golden & Pink version comparison

When I started getting into BB Creams I was pondering whether to get the pink or golden Super+ BB cream from Skin79.

I finally settled on the
Gold Label VIP Gold Collection as it seemed to have more great ingredients like gold and caviar extract.

Furthermore I was told that the pink version is dreadfully dark so it wouldn't be suitable for my pale skin-tone.

VIP Gold Collection is a perfect color match for me so I decided to jump into the cold water and order the pink one, too.

Now I am going to compare both:

Both BB Creams come in a great bulky pump-dispenser bottle which looks really luxurious and prettier than most of the regular squeeze-tubes. So packaging is equally good in both versions
Regular retail for the
Super+ Beblesh Balm Gold Label is a whopping 53000 Won (about US$55) and 52000 Won for the Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Hot Pink collection) as listed on the website. I paid less than US$20/each on ebay so they're not that expensive in my opinion.
It seems that most
Skin79 items are actually freaking expensive if you pay their retail price but come in extremely discounted kits or are sold from time to time at 70-80% or so off (like discounted from 50000 Won to 10000 which is a HUGE amount)

The golden version contains Adenosine, Arbutin (whitening and anti-wrinkle), UV-A and UV-B sunscreen (SPF25 PA++), Gold and Caviar extracts, Osmopur (various plant extracts), Phyto Complex and some other things good for your skin.
The pink version contains Adenosine, Arbutin, UV-A and UV-B protection (SPF25 PA++), Osmopur (various plant extracts) and Phyto Complex.
Both claim to be whitening, wrinkle-reducing and protecting from the harmful sun rays.
While the ingredients listed on the boxes are very different/in different orders both BB creams feel about the same to me.

I was really scared the pink version might really be the "dark chocolate" color it was described to me.
In fact both are about the same color and if my eyes are not wonky then the pink one seems to be even slightly lighter.
Both creams are rather neutral-slightly pink toned and pale so they blend into my natural skin color perfectly.

Both offer sheer-medium coverage so major skin troubles won't be covered.

To me both feel the same when on.Both are slightly thicker creams that spread evenly without much effort.

All in all they're pretty equal to me. The pink bottle looks cooler but the added caviar and gold extracts make the golden seem more luxurious.
Anyway, either is a good choice in my opinion.

Swatches in artificial/flash light:
Gold collection is on top and pink version on the bottom:

Under bright daylight: (Gold is left, pink is right)

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